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Live Fashion Shoot January 22, 2010

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I arrived at SM Makati at around 3pm with my loyal assistants Pj and Rj (Heckel and Jeckel) and Dwight lolz! That afternoon’s task was to do an actual photo shoot within an event! Yes, an actual fashion shoot at the mall while being watched by invited guests and shoppers! It was Watsons’ launch on their expansion, aiming to make Watsons the beauty destination of the country! (I LOVE WATSONS lolz) Upon setting up I was asked to go to the basement to attend the briefing, and I was like wow wow wow! Fantastic models, fantastic make up and the HAIR! matched with really great outfits! The only dilemma now is how to shoot them!?!? I was given such small area… and I only brought two heads (lights) and a giant boom stand! 

Show starts, curtain opens… walk the cat walk b%$%s! I love love loved it! A giant frame on the stage, seamless tableau of gorgeous models coming out to life and they strut their way towards the crowd! and then, it was my turn! Tim Yap and Karen Pamintuan “Please come here on the other side and witness a live fashion shoot by renowned fashion photographer, Niccolo Cosme”!!! (I flet like I was supposed to SING) haha!

ACT 1. I walk towards my supposed spot, which at that time is packed with other photographers and video peeps… I was like, okay, where do I go? I made a very kind gesture of “please give me some space” kinda monstra which did result to them walking an inch away from me. I knew there was just no way to deal with this and I knew I just had to shoot… so shoot I did… instructed Rj a few times to move the light closer as the left side was a bit dark. I have asked a model on my right to sit down instead as she looked so big from where she was standing, although I know she could have sat more fashionably from what you could see on the photo… The other photographer’s flashes were causing my studio lights to pop like popcorns… It felt like a microwave oven, I was about to explode!!! haha! nevertheless, I was able to deliver what was expected from me and I left with a smile… I finished 30 minutes ahead of time! yay! 

Today’s task is over! Tomorrow a talk at Edsa Shang, with doctors!!!! Scurd!

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