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Niccolo Cosme’s Top 10 on 2010 Part 1 of 2 January 11, 2010

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I was thinking of doing this on the first week of January to celebrate beauty and photography! My top 10 of the people I have taken photos of last year! I realized that last year was indeed good for me, it had a lot of surprises here and there… people I never thought I’d get to shoot came my way! and most of them were really on my list of people to shoot before I die! (I’m not dying anytime soon right?) hahaha! so here it is ladies and gents! my top 10!

# 1 Megan Young

I received a call from the show US GIRLS where Megan hosted for a while in replacement of actress/ host Cheska Garcia while she was on her maternity leave. The challenge was to transform Megan to Angelina Jolie! And here is our attempt! This half Pinay-American beauty is a real must shoot! And I am glad to have shot her last year! I want more! 

# 2 Maike Evers

Before becoming a channel V Vj for ch v phils she actually did a stint for MTV Philippines! I’ve always wanted to shoot her! Till I got a call from Philippine Daily Inquirer (c/o Kat Cruz) I was told that I will be shooting the new Channel V VJ’s, not knowing she’s a part of it! I was greeted by her thick aussie accent! lovesit! I suddenly miss Australia! haha!

# 3 Katrina Halili

Despite the controversies last year, she knew for a fact that she had to stand up and prove to the world that there is life after video scandals! This is my shot of Katrina several months after the whole scandal blew up! I admire her positive ways of thinking and being able to carry herself in public after what had happened.

# 4 Karylle Tatlonghari

Karylle after the break up soared high with endless billboards and covers here and there! This photo I took for Cardams’ latest campaign showing Karylle with her multiple self! This is just a start of a series of campaigns coming this year!  

# 5 G Toengi 

 I have always been a fan! and I have always thought she looked like Hollywood Actress Natalie Portman! And I actually told her that upon meeting her at the 24/7 Magazine cover shoot! I think that her beauty is timeless! she has that classic look which I love! I enjoyed every bits of this shoot! it’s not everyday that we see a beauty like G! I Love you! hahahah!

To be Continued…



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