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Carlo Atienza June 10, 2010

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The Brotherhood of Men from COSME XXX (Carlo Atienza and Alvin Aguilar)

I’ve been asked so many times! Who’s that hot model you used for Cosme XXX? The one with mohawk!? Well I have not gotten tired answering that question just yet, but when asked more about him, I say sorry that I dont know much aside from his name! hahaha! So earlier today I called him up for a short short interview! lolz I felt like I was back being a researcher for that showbiz show I used to work for back in the days! Anyway!  I met Carlo Atienza during a workshop shoot, it is when my students get to have their own shoot and Carlo was assigned as one of my student’s model.

During the COSME XXX shoot, one of the models apparently got into an accident and could not come, Carlo was suggested by his co-model Alvin whom I have featured here sometime ago. I only realized I knew him when he got at the studio! and I knew it was just perfect! He might have been a last minute addition, but he was just perfect for the project! This 21 year old Aquarian is not just any other guy! he is a Nursing graduate! yes! soon in time he will be a nurse! and I am sure, everyone would want to be in the hospital when that happens. lolz! Originally from Negros Ocidental, he speaks Cebuano! and plays football whenever he can! No wonder he has that kind of body! Anyone who wants to play football now?

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