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1. Juan F - March 1, 2010

Un pequeño trozo de belleza oculto en la web…
Espero poder seguir y disfrutar mas de cerca tus trabajos.
Un saludo desde Tucumán, Argentina.

Juan (escorpiano)

niccolo - August 25, 2010

Gracias Juan de la Argentina! 😀 Espero veros aquí de otra vez

2. KS Garcia - March 16, 2010

I am sooooo proud of you nic!!!! I love the pictures….. Keep dreaming big!!! Much much love and tons of hugs from sunny california to you!!!

3. Derick - March 25, 2010

Iam so loving all your shots Sir Nic.Keep up the good work,so proud of you! Sad because i missed the headshot project of Globe:-( GodSpeed.

4. jamesDVO - June 21, 2010

oh F*CK!!!! that is the first two word came out to my mouth when i saw his photOs at THE PHILIPPINE STAR.the photos was very good and definitely orgasmic(in a good and wholesome way).heres the thing, the photos publish by the newspaper were the naked guys that resemble marathon(i think?!) but instead of looking cheap, the photos looks expensive and to die for…damn you are good man..ginagaya ko nga yung mga headshot but I AINT NICCOLO COSME pla.

5. mac.and.mini - April 30, 2011

Your photos are captivating! It portrays an added sense of dimension, as if luring you to look deeper and then you get caught in a trance. I hope you get more recognition for your work and also hoping that you may opt for more subjects with the native Filipina look. I love your twist on the Madonna and Child!

6. jr - January 12, 2012

good day! are you the Niccolo Cosme featured in the television just this week ( around january 4-12) who’s teaching photography lessons to aspiring photographers…who also won recent international award….if so sir how can i be a part of your class? tnx jr concepcion

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