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Basic Studio Lighting Workshop Series 5 October 1, 2010

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Basic Studio Lighting Workshop Season 5! September 23, 2010

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Behind the scenes shots by Bjorn Manila

The Poster should be up soon! but for now, you may download these doc files, fill them out, and send them to lighthousemanila@gmail.com be part of the Basic Studio Lighting Workshop!!!

Workshop dates October 1 (evening) October 2 (afternoon) October 3 (whole day)

Information Form

The Lighthouse Studio WORKSHOP Series 3 DAYS

Featured Artist – Chi De Jesus September 7, 2010

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…. we see … we feel … we ignore … we live …. we walk on dying beauty … as she comes out of the earth to plead for life … not hers but ours … we look with blind eyes … hear with deaf ears … we allow death … and conscious rage defile the earth … one day she will come … take us all …. into the earth … no more pain … no more greed … no more ubiquitous indifference … just …. the … earth ….

…. my gratitude to the swishgoddess for her inspiring beauty ….

Words and Photography: Chi de Jesus

Model Alessandra de Rossi

For the 2nd Lightworks photo exhibit

(click on the link to learn more about Lightworks and Basic Studio Lighting Workshop)

Will be featuring all artists and their works from the Lightworks Photo Exhibit soon!

2nd Lightworks Exhibit Teaser E-Posters September 2, 2010

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The 2nd Lightworks Exhibit has an “Earth” theme. Each of my students were given the chance to conceptualize something that is socially relevant to todays issues on climate change, waste management, global warming etc. I said, I want photographs that would have statements without having to put “texts” on them, images that would talk and perhaps remind the audience that “hey, this is what’s happening” and hopefully push individuals or groups to act on the problems that we all face today. I am proud to say that my students were able to put  Portraiture, Glamour, Fashion and Beauty together with this great advocacy to save our planet.

You are all invited to come on September 04, 2010 at the Lighthouse Studio at 7pm!

Lightworks 2 Photo Exhibit August 31, 2010

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The Lightworks Photo Exhibit is a culminating activity of the Basic Studio Lighting Workshop series. It showcases photographs that my students themselves produced on the 3rd day of their workshop that features fashion, beauty and portraiture. The second Lightworks exhibit will showcase batch 3 and 4’s works that has a unifying theme, “Earth” interpreted in different perspectives, and showing different advocacies that involves our mother Earth. Please see digital invite below! See you all there this September 4 at the Lighthouse Studio!

Photographers participating on this exhibit:

Chi de Jesus . Enoh Tajodloy . Tracy Aquino . Norihide Ono . Arnold Marcellana . Ikie Binoya . Kim Barik . Bjorn Manila . Tina Daniac . Nonito Donaire Jr . Nikki Andrade . Patrick Segovia . Sherwin So . Ramon Baltazar

Season 3 Basic Studio Lighting Workshop Students! June 17, 2010

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Yes, they got a free Niccolo Cosme Headshot! lolz! Presenting the 3rd batch from the Basic Studio Lighting Workshop that started last Saturday June 12! To Inquire on the 4th leg this coming July, e-mail us at lighthousemanila@gmail.com!



Photos from the Workshop Series 2 – Minette Fabian April 9, 2010

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Here are some photos from Minette Fabian of the workshop series part 2! With Model Jeng Robinson, Make up bySarah Paulino, fab accessories by Gerry Sunga. Will be posting other works of the other photographers soon! For more information on the workshop series please e-mail us at lighthousemanila@gmail.com

click on the photo for better quality

Camp Nivea! March 12, 2010

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March 6 2010 the Project Headshot Clinic Team headed to Punta Fuego for the Camp Nivea a three-day event that featured crash courses in modeling, fashion, disc jockeying, and photography! Although it was one LONG drive, our aching asses (from the long drive!) went away as we finally saw the beautiful beach! the summer breeze! and yes OH YES the gorgeous people! It was definitely great to be surrounded by people my age! (19-20ish) hahaahahhaha I wish! Set-up started a few minutes as we arrived, a run through on the workshop that I was about to give, and some sound checking! (with matching singing haha) We had so much fun we almost forgot that it was all work! Thanks to everyone from SAGA and Nivea! You’re all great guys! and thank you for the goodie bags (with all those Nivea goodies!!!) and the very nice gift from JVC! I love it! 

The workshop that I did talked about the basics of photography, about posing, and being creative! Styling was also discussed by my good friend, fashion designer Nat Manilag! We then, after the workshop did the Headshot Clinic which lasted for about less than an hour, shooting around 40 gorgeous people! And for the VERY FIRST TIME we edited photos right after and turned over!!! Thank God there were only 40! Dinner was overflowing! I wonder how those people got to keep their shapes with all those food! haha! Sad to say we were not able to stay till the party and had to leave as soon as we finished dinner! Another long drive back home! Till next time!  A big woot woot to my team Alvin, Dustin, Rj, Pj, Carla, Nat and RA! yay!

To view all of the Headshot Clinic Camp Nivea click on the photo collage below! 🙂 cheers!

– niccolo

The Lighthouse Studio Photography Workshop Series 02 February 19, 2010

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My main goal is to impart what I know in portraiture in a studio setting and be confident that you can handle a shoot in a studio on your own after this workshop and create professional looking portraits” Those were my words during the first day of The Lighthouse Studio Photography Workshop Series! This weekend will be the last two sessions of the 8 day workshop that started last January 30. An interesting mix of participants from different walks of life, a student, a doctor, an architect etc. some are shy, ACTUALLY most of them are… some do talk when scolded at, kidding! 

Tomorrow is the culminating activity of the workshop, each one of them was encouraged (if not forced lolz) to create their own concept discussed in an open forum weeks ago and was finalized last Thursday. Each one of them will be provided with a model of their preference (male/female) and two make up artists, wardrobes are taken care of as well, so all they have to do really is to take care of the shoot proper and handle Pressure! haha! Guys, good luck!!!

Here below is the e-poster for the second batch of The Lighthouse Studio Photography Workshop Series! Feel free to copy and post it on your social network sites! or forward it to a friend who might be interested! 

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Photography Workshop @ The Lighthouse Studio January 11, 2010

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Photography Workshop @ The Lighthouse Studio with Fashion and Commercial Photographer Niccolo Cosme. This 8 day workshop will familiarize you inside the studio and will guide you through in basic studio lighting. The workshop will also focus on portraiture, Beauty photography and a little of Fashion photography! The 7th and 8th day will be a hands on shoot with a professional model provided by The Lighthouse Studio. Workshop starts on the 30th of January!

For inquiries you may e-mail us at lighthousemanila@gmail.com

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