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www.niccolo-cosme.com April 3, 2012

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We’ve moved to a better site! Please check out http://www.niccolo-cosme.com and http://www.thelighthousestudio.com for the latest updates on Niccolo’s works and upcoming workshops! Thank you so much!


We Have Migrated! November 11, 2010

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Yes, we have migrated to a new and better site! It’s still on WordPress though, but with a whole new feel!


See you guys there!

Photo-synthesis: A photo-finishing school at Niccolo Cosme’s Lighthouse Studio September 21, 2010

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Reposting an article from Philippine Star Young Star section by Karen Bolilia

Photo-synthesis: A photo-finishing school at Niccolo Cosme’s Lighthouse Studio
By Karen Bolilia The Philippine Star Updated September 17, 2010 12:00 AM
MANILA, Philippines – Pilgrimages of the sea aren’t the only ones that need enlightening. Somewhere in Malate, a beacon sparks, rising from its former glories as a nightlife staple and reinstating itself as home to a radiance born out of of reflectors and external flashes. From the shafts of light peeking through the studio, it would seem, that everything is illuminated at the Lighthouse.

Forces of nature made head-on collisions and have chosen the Lightworks Photo Exhibit as their point of intersection. Earth, wind, water, and fire diverged to create individual masterpieces by apprentices of photographer Niccolo Cosme, organically churned out within three days. The workshops aren’t only for enthusiasts or those who’d want to make a career out of taking photos. Aside from aspiring photographers, the showcase also boasts of participants who took a breather out of their current occupations. Designer Tina Daniac wasn’t exactly a fan of photography, and still hasn’t become one after the workshop, but she claims that the class has equipped her with an alternative “eye” that might help her with her craft.

A Snap-Worthy Workshop, No Matter Your Line of Work

Meanwhile, WBA World Superflyweight interim champion Nonito Donaire got a kick out of doing photography as a recreation. His photo concept, like everyone else’s, involved climate changes, and he decided to create something out of overheating. “I wanted to show the emotion and struggle involved when I train for boxing matches,” he says. Nonito also praises the positive energy expended by Niccolo and his other classmates. He says, “I enjoyed [the class] because it was an environment that really nurtured my artistic side without making me feel uncomfortable, shy, or embarrassed for my lack of knowledge.”

And while photoblogging and the Internet has inspired throngs of people to pick up a DSLR, it’s more than just boosting the production of the camera industry. There’s a lot more that goes into photography, beyond packs of trigger-happy teens who chronicle places, faces, food, and outfits du jour. Self-tutorials and I-have-a-camera-therefore-I-am-a-photographer mentalities aside, we can all still learn a thing or two under an expert’s tutelage. Niccolo Cosme has served up a few shots of wisdom on photo musts, as the Lighthouse man himself briefs us on how to gain bearable lightness as a photographer.

Cosmetology 101

1. The What Factor – “I’ve always shared with my students, or whenever I have talks that if you want your photo to be unforgettable it should have the “what” factor, your audience should pause, and give your work a second look and say ‘What?’”

2. Choose an advocacy – “Having a great advocacy and merging them with your work of arts is something that I’ve always shared, by that we are not just creating art works, we are also being responsible artists. Sure a great story behind each work is good, but to have a mission behind it is greater!”

3. Do what your heart tells you – “If you dont like what you are doing, it will show in your artworks. Find where you want to specialize on. It is also important to pay attention to inspirations, and looking back at your roots, it will say a lot about you—your artwork is a representation of yourself. If you can put your soul into your artwork, then you will live forever.”

4. Be a good listener – “Accept criticism creatively and not personally. It is always great to listen to others’ opinions but most importantly, listen to yourself, you should be your greatest creative critique.”

5. Learn how to collaborate- “As I have said time and time again, collaboration is the future of the world, we need to open our arms to co-creation. Collect ideas, brainstorm with others, produce your visions and share it with the rest of the world.”

* * *

COSME XXX 05.29.10 May 21, 2010

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XXX is the revelation of Niccolo Cosme’s reflections on his 9 years in photography and 30 years in this world. He goes back to the cornerstones that had inspired him through the years: faith, brotherhood, pain, and unwavering altruism. More importantly, his works, through the years, have shown his great fascination for Christian Iconography — meanings and symbolisms behind every image that are embedded with stories —and, through his reinvention skills, his works are made more relevant to our times.

Each of Niccolo’s projects — from fashion ads to photo exhibits — has, behind it, a story of successful collaboration with some of our country’s talented makeup artists, stylists, hair stylists, and models, and it is thus worth mentioning his years-long collaboration with graphic artist, Andrei Venal, who has undeniably helped shape Niccolo’s works to what they are today.

XXX is a celebration of Niccolo Cosme’s visions that he had translated into masterpieces.

For inquiries, you may contact Tracy Aquino at 0917-861-1027 or call 02-359-1098

Lady Gagita and Haronce at The Lighthouse Studio May 14, 2010

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Photography by Niccolo Cosme
Styling by Matt Gozun
Makeup by Jake Galvez (http://www.jakegalvez.com)
Hair by Buern Rodriguez of Tony Galvez Salon for L’Oreal Professionel
Headpiece and Rubber Dress by Nixon Marquez & Chi Kotur of MONO (http://emowenow.blogspot.com)
Special thanks to Mervin Lazaro

The Lightworks Photo Exhibit May 13, 2010

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A graduation, a culminating activity, a showcase of talents! The Lightworks exhibit series was born to give venue to young and / or aspiring (lol) photographers who would attend the “Basic studio lighting” workshop at The Lighthouse Studio. 12 of my students from season 1 and season 2 (as we fondly named their groups) participated in the first Lightworks photo exhibit.

The challenge: To come up with a concept during the first day of their workshop, brainstorming on their vision, we discussed ways on how to achieve their idea, technical side is of course very important, they were taught techniques on different lighting set ups and on the last day, they were provided a model and a make up artist! Their own time to shine! it’s their chance to execute what they had envisioned on their own photo shoot… On that day, they got to immortalize their ideas into a photograph!

Here are some photos from the Lightworks photo exhibit! If you would like to know more about our workshops, you may e-mail us at lighthousemanila@gmail.com! we’d like to thank everyone who participated! and for our sponsors, Baileys and GSM for the open bar! (oh boy we got so drunk!) We will be posting some of the participants works next time!

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COSME XXX Photo Exhibit April 24, 2010

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www.thelighthousestudio.com February 19, 2010

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We thought of shortening our url for better recall! 🙂 We’d like to introduce to you http://www.thelighthousestudio.com

Carlo Adorador February 15, 2010

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Carlo Adorador will be starring my next exhibit on April at The Lighthouse Studio! Watch out!  

Carlo Adorador

Hair and Make-up: Robert Caindoc

Shot at The Lighthouse Studio

Trio Treat! February 9, 2010

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Iya, Angel and Cheska


I wish everyday is just like this! haha! At The Lighthouse earlier today with Iya Villania, Angel Aquino and Cheska Garcia (Hosts of Us Girls show) I love love love them! 🙂

Make Up by: Patrick Alcober of Shu Uemura

Hair by: George of Kiehls

Styling: Bobi Aranas

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