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National Geographic Channel Live Curious Campaign October 4, 2010

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I never thought that I would actually shoot for one of my favorite channels on cable… and when I received that call for a meeting, I was dead excited! I was so curious! Me shoot for National Geographic? And so it has materialized, 3 shooting days at The Lighthouse Studio, it was fun! yes fun! and a great learning experience. Each personality that I shot also had to sit down for the video interview (which will also air on the channel) they were asked to prepare questions, things that they are or have been curious about, and the more they ask the more I got curious about a lot of things.

In an interview I was asked “If you had the chance to ask a question, what are you curious about and why?” And I said
“I have always wondered about how vast the universe is, I mean, our mind (brain) is only capable of understanding a fraction of reality, even if we come up with measurements from machines or formulas made by geniuses, these are only understandings which our brains can understand… I wonder, will there be ever a time when it would be possible to expand our understanding capacity to a more super human understanding?” did you understand all that? haha!

Most great ideas, concepts or story starts with “what if’s”, curiosity… Live curiously! let’s kill boredom!

Please visit the National Geographic Channel Live Curious Photo Exhibit atThe Gallery, Greenbelt 5 on Oct 3-4. Glorietta on Oct 7-10. Trinoma on Oct 21-24. Bonifacio High Street on Nov 13-14.

See the rest on the photo exhibit! see the schedule above!

Photography: Niccolo Cosme for The Lighthouse Studio

Layout: Andrei Venal for The Lighthouse Studio

Featured Artist – Chi De Jesus September 7, 2010

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…. we see … we feel … we ignore … we live …. we walk on dying beauty … as she comes out of the earth to plead for life … not hers but ours … we look with blind eyes … hear with deaf ears … we allow death … and conscious rage defile the earth … one day she will come … take us all …. into the earth … no more pain … no more greed … no more ubiquitous indifference … just …. the … earth ….

…. my gratitude to the swishgoddess for her inspiring beauty ….

Words and Photography: Chi de Jesus

Model Alessandra de Rossi

For the 2nd Lightworks photo exhibit

(click on the link to learn more about Lightworks and Basic Studio Lighting Workshop)

Will be featuring all artists and their works from the Lightworks Photo Exhibit soon!

Ate Glow – High Fashion July 7, 2010

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Q: Ngayong tapos na po ang term ninyo, mayroon po ba kayong gustong gawin na di nyo magawa nung nasa Malacanang pa kayo?

Ate Glow: I have always been a fan of fashion noh? I’ve always dreamed of doing a high fashion shoot! (giggles)

Ate Glow on Frederick Peralta Banig Terno

Photographed by Niccolo Cosme at The Lighthouse Studio

Don’t be Bobo, VOTE! VOTE BNO! April 16, 2010

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The “Boy’s Night Out” and the Lighthouse Studio is out again with a great campaign, a “don’t be bobo and vote” campaign! So if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands! clap clap clap! and if you’re not Bobo and you know it! You go out and VOTE this coming elections! haha!

Photos by: Niccolo Cosme

Graphic Design: Andrei Venal

Make up: Claire Diokno

My DLSU 100 March 3, 2010

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I am proud to belong to an institution such as the De La Salle University and to take part in its centennial celebration is something to be more proud of. I was invited to be one of the 9 photographers to contribute artworks that will be printed on limited edition commemorative centennial notecards! And I want to share this experience to my fellow Lasallians! How? E-mail me your thoughts, your experiences as a lasallian student, dreams, aspirations, or things that you might have achieved already! I will also need you to e-mail me your photo! Yes! Your face might just end up on one of the 7 notecards that I will be producing! This is history we are making! Come and co-create with me! 

e-mail me at lighthousemanila@gmail.com with the subject DLSU100

send in a short essay on your DLSU thoughts, experiences, dreams with your photo! DEADLINE MARCH 21

– niccolo cosme

Paloma del Playa January 20, 2010

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Like what I mentioned last week! We have model/actress/FHM cover girl Paloma Esmeria coming at the Lighthouse Studio this week! The team thought of producing something with a summer feel, relaxed, beauty headshots, something that would deviate away from the usual sexy shoots Paloma is used to. There is no doubt that Paloma is one real beauty! I love love lovesit! I’m sure this wet look will make you wet…lolz! Thanks to Paul dela Merced and Fennie Tan! Good job guys!

Photography: Niccolo Cosme

Stylist: Paul dela Merced

Make Up: Fennie Tan

Paloma del Playa


You want to collaborate? e-mail us at lighthousemanila@gmail.com

Yes it’s the President! January 18, 2010

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A little history

When I was still a budding photographer (please dont ask what year lolz) I was encouraged to join a photo contest organized by Giftgate and Fuji! Anxious as it was my very first time to join a photo contest (or any contest for that matter) I gathered my cousins and friends and shot them with hello kitty dolls and swatch watches (it was a requirement) I edited the photos and hurriedly printed them and submitted them as my entries. Excited, I asked the personnel at Fuji if a lot of people had submitted their entries already (I was thinking, the lesser entries the more chances I could win! haha) The personnel told me that they have already received close to a thousand (or more) entries which really rattled me! I was like… okay, there goes my chance! haha! And she added “Someone even submitted a photo of Cory Aquino” and my whole world fell apart. I was like… Shit. Although that challenged me, what can I possibly do? who can I possibly get to pose for me that would have the same stature as the former president of the philippines?

Hi! Come closer! Don’t be shy! This is the closest you can get to the president! Noh!” – Renee Boy AKA Ate Glow

We won the people’s choice award! Not bad for a first timer right?!? We won 100 thousand worth of prizes! I then joined the following year and won 4th place! and the year after that and won 1st prize!!! and I stopped and gave way to others! haha! There you have it, that’s how our friendship began, so ladies and gents, boys and transgender, at the Lighthouse, Ate Glow!



As Himself 

In Character, as Ate Glow “Is that my mole? Oh its a fly”


Never a dull moment with Renee Boy, Watch out for our high fashion shoot with fab ternos from masters Frederick Peralta and Renee Salud! A must see! Special thanks to Robert Caindoc for the hair and make up! 


Posted by: Niccolo 

Daiana Menezes This week @ The Lighthouse January 17, 2010

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Aside from Paloma Esmeria who’s coming at the Lighthouse this week for a sizzling shoot we also got the hot Brazilian model/host of Eat Bulaga Daiana Menezes! I am currently looking for people to collaborate this shoot with, young designers/ make up artists / stylists!!! email us at lighthousemanila@gmail.com ! or post comment here! Stylist Paul dela Merced is on board! 

Di Menezes 2009

Graphic Design by: Andrei Venal for the Lighthouse Studio

See Who’s Next! Paloma! January 13, 2010

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See who’s next at the Lighthouse! One of the hottest chicks in town! (Wow I sound so butch) Paloma Esmeria has posed for numerous covers with her vavavoom body! but way before she did, I got the chance to shoot her back in 2008! after several years we have arranged another shoot at the Lighthouse next week! If you guys feel like sharing what you have in mind for the shoot, I am open for collaboration! let’s wurk it peeps! e-mail me at lighthousemanila@gmail.com or leave a comment here!

Paloma in 2008


***Another one on the works is another hot momma! Ate GLOW! Watch out!!! You wish to collaborate? email me at lighthousemanila@gmail.com




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