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Si Karen Po! September 29, 2010

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To the birthday girl! An actress, fellow photographer, friend and a survivor! More power to you! from me and from the Lighthouse Studio!

Karen delos Reyes

Catch her weekdays on Survivor Celebrity Edition on GMA 7 after 24 Oras

Photo by: Niccolo Cosme

Make Up by: Etine

Shot at the Lighthouse Studio

I am Pepe Smith! September 27, 2010

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He came in the studio, standing taller than I expected, he was on his boots, shook our hands and brought out a bottle of rum!… OMG! I waited for this very moment! This is the Pinoy Rock God! and if you dont know who Pepe Smith is, then I guess your neither a pinoy, or a rocker dude… dudette… err… whatever. haha!

Pepe is now the endorser of the clothing line Mental, together with his supermodel daughter Sanya! I tell you guys, that was one hell of a shoot! Both father and daughter was just perfect for this campaign, often we would tell each other, “So Sanya, thats where you got those kicks from” Pepe would start posing standing, then would sit down, fly like a bird, then dive on the floor and swim… he played with my violin and my vintage transistor radio! Crazy! and I understand why Mental got them for this! haha! Rock and Roll!

More of Pepe and Sanya soon! xxx


Pinoy Rock God Pepe


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Basic Studio Lighting Workshop Season 5! September 23, 2010

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Behind the scenes shots by Bjorn Manila

The Poster should be up soon! but for now, you may download these doc files, fill them out, and send them to lighthousemanila@gmail.com be part of the Basic Studio Lighting Workshop!!!

Workshop dates October 1 (evening) October 2 (afternoon) October 3 (whole day)

Information Form

The Lighthouse Studio WORKSHOP Series 3 DAYS

Photo-synthesis: A photo-finishing school at Niccolo Cosme’s Lighthouse Studio September 21, 2010

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Reposting an article from Philippine Star Young Star section by Karen Bolilia

Photo-synthesis: A photo-finishing school at Niccolo Cosme’s Lighthouse Studio
By Karen Bolilia The Philippine Star Updated September 17, 2010 12:00 AM
MANILA, Philippines – Pilgrimages of the sea aren’t the only ones that need enlightening. Somewhere in Malate, a beacon sparks, rising from its former glories as a nightlife staple and reinstating itself as home to a radiance born out of of reflectors and external flashes. From the shafts of light peeking through the studio, it would seem, that everything is illuminated at the Lighthouse.

Forces of nature made head-on collisions and have chosen the Lightworks Photo Exhibit as their point of intersection. Earth, wind, water, and fire diverged to create individual masterpieces by apprentices of photographer Niccolo Cosme, organically churned out within three days. The workshops aren’t only for enthusiasts or those who’d want to make a career out of taking photos. Aside from aspiring photographers, the showcase also boasts of participants who took a breather out of their current occupations. Designer Tina Daniac wasn’t exactly a fan of photography, and still hasn’t become one after the workshop, but she claims that the class has equipped her with an alternative “eye” that might help her with her craft.

A Snap-Worthy Workshop, No Matter Your Line of Work

Meanwhile, WBA World Superflyweight interim champion Nonito Donaire got a kick out of doing photography as a recreation. His photo concept, like everyone else’s, involved climate changes, and he decided to create something out of overheating. “I wanted to show the emotion and struggle involved when I train for boxing matches,” he says. Nonito also praises the positive energy expended by Niccolo and his other classmates. He says, “I enjoyed [the class] because it was an environment that really nurtured my artistic side without making me feel uncomfortable, shy, or embarrassed for my lack of knowledge.”

And while photoblogging and the Internet has inspired throngs of people to pick up a DSLR, it’s more than just boosting the production of the camera industry. There’s a lot more that goes into photography, beyond packs of trigger-happy teens who chronicle places, faces, food, and outfits du jour. Self-tutorials and I-have-a-camera-therefore-I-am-a-photographer mentalities aside, we can all still learn a thing or two under an expert’s tutelage. Niccolo Cosme has served up a few shots of wisdom on photo musts, as the Lighthouse man himself briefs us on how to gain bearable lightness as a photographer.

Cosmetology 101

1. The What Factor – “I’ve always shared with my students, or whenever I have talks that if you want your photo to be unforgettable it should have the “what” factor, your audience should pause, and give your work a second look and say ‘What?’”

2. Choose an advocacy – “Having a great advocacy and merging them with your work of arts is something that I’ve always shared, by that we are not just creating art works, we are also being responsible artists. Sure a great story behind each work is good, but to have a mission behind it is greater!”

3. Do what your heart tells you – “If you dont like what you are doing, it will show in your artworks. Find where you want to specialize on. It is also important to pay attention to inspirations, and looking back at your roots, it will say a lot about you—your artwork is a representation of yourself. If you can put your soul into your artwork, then you will live forever.”

4. Be a good listener – “Accept criticism creatively and not personally. It is always great to listen to others’ opinions but most importantly, listen to yourself, you should be your greatest creative critique.”

5. Learn how to collaborate- “As I have said time and time again, collaboration is the future of the world, we need to open our arms to co-creation. Collect ideas, brainstorm with others, produce your visions and share it with the rest of the world.”

* * *

K Brosas at The Lighthouse! Wapakkk! September 7, 2010

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Comedian / Singer / Half woman-Half man! Ha ha! That was a joke! but she would probably agree! I’ve always had a great time shooting K Brosas, it’s like watching a sitcom! Entertaining! I played with a lot of soft shadows, and highlights and mostly were headshots! posting below are some of my favorites! will post the rest real soon! Hope you guys like it!

K Brosas appears on IDOL, ABS-CBN’s new prime time show that airs every night!

Posted by: Niccolo Cosme

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Featured Artist – Chi De Jesus September 7, 2010

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…. we see … we feel … we ignore … we live …. we walk on dying beauty … as she comes out of the earth to plead for life … not hers but ours … we look with blind eyes … hear with deaf ears … we allow death … and conscious rage defile the earth … one day she will come … take us all …. into the earth … no more pain … no more greed … no more ubiquitous indifference … just …. the … earth ….

…. my gratitude to the swishgoddess for her inspiring beauty ….

Words and Photography: Chi de Jesus

Model Alessandra de Rossi

For the 2nd Lightworks photo exhibit

(click on the link to learn more about Lightworks and Basic Studio Lighting Workshop)

Will be featuring all artists and their works from the Lightworks Photo Exhibit soon!

2nd Lightworks Exhibit Teaser E-Posters September 2, 2010

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The 2nd Lightworks Exhibit has an “Earth” theme. Each of my students were given the chance to conceptualize something that is socially relevant to todays issues on climate change, waste management, global warming etc. I said, I want photographs that would have statements without having to put “texts” on them, images that would talk and perhaps remind the audience that “hey, this is what’s happening” and hopefully push individuals or groups to act on the problems that we all face today. I am proud to say that my students were able to put  Portraiture, Glamour, Fashion and Beauty together with this great advocacy to save our planet.

You are all invited to come on September 04, 2010 at the Lighthouse Studio at 7pm!

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