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Lady Gagita and Haronce at The Lighthouse Studio May 14, 2010

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Photography by Niccolo Cosme
Styling by Matt Gozun
Makeup by Jake Galvez (http://www.jakegalvez.com)
Hair by Buern Rodriguez of Tony Galvez Salon for L’Oreal Professionel
Headpiece and Rubber Dress by Nixon Marquez & Chi Kotur of MONO (http://emowenow.blogspot.com)
Special thanks to Mervin Lazaro


1. futaneshka - May 14, 2010

hello!!! ang ganda. advance happy birthday my love ;p

2. Chayee - May 14, 2010

Waa fab!

3. yuki♥ - May 14, 2010

great great shot! kudos sir niccolo!

4. DJDiaz - May 14, 2010


5. Elcid Lao - May 14, 2010

love it!

6. LEia - May 15, 2010

hahah Cnu yung guy? xa Yung photographer?

7. zeoffree - May 15, 2010

winner! a dream coming true for the two!

8. jeikeilat - May 17, 2010

panalo! nice set sit!

9. novi - June 5, 2010

very nice

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