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My Family Portrait March 15, 2010

Posted by thelighthousestudio in portraits.

My Family portrait 2010! This took some time to finish, but i know its soooo minimal, but i love it! I love the clean background, and a slightly textured flooring that was of course done in CG. Thinking of a concept was not hard at all, I guess I focused on things we commonly share, my siblings and I happen to play musical instruments, my sister Mia got her first guitar when she was in elementary, I got my violin as birthday present when I was in high-school, and my brother Ira got his fondness in playing the drums through my dad who loves to play the bongo. My sister is seen sitting down with her husband Jan who happens to be a musician as well! Family Vontrap? hahahaha! I guess this is a different side of my Family!

On the other side, my parents Caesar and Elna who worked very hard to give us a great life! For those who does not know, my father is a TV director and a scriptwriter, he is the head writer of the longest running gag show in the Philippines Bubble Gang and is the head of the comedy department of GMA 7. The old typewriter he used to type scripts for Champoy, Going Bananas etc is seen on top of a table on his side, and the woman behind the man, my mother! She used to work as a social worker back in the 80’s and decided to stop working to take care of us when we were all growing up, she became the secretary of our barangay in Kawit, Cavite 🙂 She is the daughter of Chit Sambile, PR for Mowelfund and former President of FAMAS. My mother is a cancer survivor (her left breast was removed due to breast cancer when I was in college). She is the only one who is not musically inclined… she cannot carry a tune at all, sorry mother I had to make that clear haha! 

A space is made available on my side as a suggestion that the family will grow, Jan and Mia might have a baby soon? and I have just the right space for that new addition! 

I dream that one day I can photograph the whole clan of both my families, but that would be impossible! haha! wait… nothing is impossible! so yeah… we shall see 🙂

Today my parents are celebrating their 31st wedding anniversary! Happy anniversary to you both! 


PLEASE click on the photo to enlarge



1. Jethro Cuenca - March 16, 2010

I love this Nic! I miss my family 🙂

2. elin jr - March 16, 2010

. . . u b e r c o o l : : : n i c c o l o . . . x

3. Dann - March 30, 2010

Totally love the sot Nono! 🙂

4. maria cristina buising de la cruz - June 27, 2010

Hello elna , ang ganda mo sa pic. di nila alam na maganda ang boses mo ng nasa concordia tayo ,naalalala mo ba,yung itinuro ni d late ms.dilao our teacher SUSA NINA, atsaka yung kanta ni leif garett I Sing in the Rain… at saka non nasa Foster Parents Plan pa tayo…..d ba? anyway nakakatulog ang mga bunso mo kapag nakanta ka di ba.Alam mo ba jan sa Cavite ako nakaranas na sumakay sa likod ng driver ng Tricycle tumaas ang palda ko nilipad ng hangin kc dumaan ang saulog bus.Kc naman ang tao dapat nakaupo sa loob ng tricy. e kaso dala ko noon 5biik at yong leader ang kasam nila. Mahirap talaga maging Social Worker ,na ka porma ka pala bibili lang ng baboy para pag umpisahan ng comunity project. Any way kelan ka namn magiging governor ng Cavite para may PDAF ang RITM

5. JP - May 30, 2011

I was a classmate of Mia at UP Manila, and through her I was able to meet my first celebrity Michael V! lol! I think it was an assignment for one of our GE subjects, to interview a celebrity, and luckily for us she knows someone from showbiz. I mean, she’s the daughter of a celebrity herself! 🙂

Sayang we lost contact after college (I lost contact with a lot of my college classmates), but I’m glad to hear news about her. Congrats on the marriage!

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