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Metro Magazine April 2010 Issue March 30, 2010

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Check out this month’s issue of Metro Magazine! Fab Fashion editorial! Congrats to my team! stylist Mela De Luna, Make Up Artist Jake Galvez and Hair Stylist Buern Rodriguez!!! will post the other photos soon!!!

Bianca Araneta – Elizalde March 20, 2010

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Cover shoot for 24/7 February Issue with Bianca Araneta – Elizalde

My Family Portrait March 15, 2010

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My Family portrait 2010! This took some time to finish, but i know its soooo minimal, but i love it! I love the clean background, and a slightly textured flooring that was of course done in CG. Thinking of a concept was not hard at all, I guess I focused on things we commonly share, my siblings and I happen to play musical instruments, my sister Mia got her first guitar when she was in elementary, I got my violin as birthday present when I was in high-school, and my brother Ira got his fondness in playing the drums through my dad who loves to play the bongo. My sister is seen sitting down with her husband Jan who happens to be a musician as well! Family Vontrap? hahahaha! I guess this is a different side of my Family!

On the other side, my parents Caesar and Elna who worked very hard to give us a great life! For those who does not know, my father is a TV director and a scriptwriter, he is the head writer of the longest running gag show in the Philippines Bubble Gang and is the head of the comedy department of GMA 7. The old typewriter he used to type scripts for Champoy, Going Bananas etc is seen on top of a table on his side, and the woman behind the man, my mother! She used to work as a social worker back in the 80’s and decided to stop working to take care of us when we were all growing up, she became the secretary of our barangay in Kawit, Cavite 🙂 She is the daughter of Chit Sambile, PR for Mowelfund and former President of FAMAS. My mother is a cancer survivor (her left breast was removed due to breast cancer when I was in college). She is the only one who is not musically inclined… she cannot carry a tune at all, sorry mother I had to make that clear haha! 

A space is made available on my side as a suggestion that the family will grow, Jan and Mia might have a baby soon? and I have just the right space for that new addition! 

I dream that one day I can photograph the whole clan of both my families, but that would be impossible! haha! wait… nothing is impossible! so yeah… we shall see 🙂

Today my parents are celebrating their 31st wedding anniversary! Happy anniversary to you both! 


PLEASE click on the photo to enlarge

Camp Nivea! March 12, 2010

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March 6 2010 the Project Headshot Clinic Team headed to Punta Fuego for the Camp Nivea a three-day event that featured crash courses in modeling, fashion, disc jockeying, and photography! Although it was one LONG drive, our aching asses (from the long drive!) went away as we finally saw the beautiful beach! the summer breeze! and yes OH YES the gorgeous people! It was definitely great to be surrounded by people my age! (19-20ish) hahaahahhaha I wish! Set-up started a few minutes as we arrived, a run through on the workshop that I was about to give, and some sound checking! (with matching singing haha) We had so much fun we almost forgot that it was all work! Thanks to everyone from SAGA and Nivea! You’re all great guys! and thank you for the goodie bags (with all those Nivea goodies!!!) and the very nice gift from JVC! I love it! 

The workshop that I did talked about the basics of photography, about posing, and being creative! Styling was also discussed by my good friend, fashion designer Nat Manilag! We then, after the workshop did the Headshot Clinic which lasted for about less than an hour, shooting around 40 gorgeous people! And for the VERY FIRST TIME we edited photos right after and turned over!!! Thank God there were only 40! Dinner was overflowing! I wonder how those people got to keep their shapes with all those food! haha! Sad to say we were not able to stay till the party and had to leave as soon as we finished dinner! Another long drive back home! Till next time!  A big woot woot to my team Alvin, Dustin, Rj, Pj, Carla, Nat and RA! yay!

To view all of the Headshot Clinic Camp Nivea click on the photo collage below! 🙂 cheers!

– niccolo

My DLSU 100 March 3, 2010

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I am proud to belong to an institution such as the De La Salle University and to take part in its centennial celebration is something to be more proud of. I was invited to be one of the 9 photographers to contribute artworks that will be printed on limited edition commemorative centennial notecards! And I want to share this experience to my fellow Lasallians! How? E-mail me your thoughts, your experiences as a lasallian student, dreams, aspirations, or things that you might have achieved already! I will also need you to e-mail me your photo! Yes! Your face might just end up on one of the 7 notecards that I will be producing! This is history we are making! Come and co-create with me! 

e-mail me at lighthousemanila@gmail.com with the subject DLSU100

send in a short essay on your DLSU thoughts, experiences, dreams with your photo! DEADLINE MARCH 21

– niccolo cosme

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