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Day 3 The Lighthouse Studio Workshop Series February 6, 2010

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As some of you know I just got back from my Vietnam and Cambodia trip which I will share with you guys on another post!!! To Kate and Paolo thanks so much for accommodating us! And to the whole of Siem Reap Okun Charan! 🙂 Back to work for me and back to the workshop! It was the 3rd day of this 8 day workshop at the Lighthouse Studio, and we had 3 male models who posed for me and  the participants, each one of them got their first hands on shoot with an actual model (last week they did not have a choice but to shoot me haha!) posting here are models Clark, Patrick and Adam! Thank you guys for your time! Tomorrow will be another hands on shoot with 3 female models, I am quite interested to know if they can identify the difference between shooting a male and a female model, we shall find out! Here are some of the head shots I took early today!




At the workshop earlier today (Saturday)



1. Dustin - February 6, 2010

Hey! That’s me! When will we shoot you sir? 🙂

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