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Tuesday is for Torso January 12, 2010

Posted by thelighthousestudio in torso shots.

I was browsing my archive for photos to post today and I found this! I cant even recall what the shoot was for, neither the name of this Brazilian stud muffin. No Digital enhancement on the curves guys, that’s really is it! One thing I noticed about Brazilian male models, most of them (if not all) has the habit of showing their armpits when they pose! Especially when you tell them, “think sexy, look sexy, feel sexy” you would notice that arm slowly going up… just like this on this photo! I remember Brazilian-Japanese model Akihiro Sato doing the same thing, and I was like… Oh no! haha! have a good Tuesday everyone!

– niccolo 



1. Jake G - January 12, 2010

It’s for our company’s body campaign… 🙂

thelighthousestudio - January 12, 2010

Yes!!! hahahaha! that’s why your photo’s there on the folder! sorry kakagising ko lang! do you remember his name?!?!

2. Pete - January 12, 2010

well i do think armpits are totally sexy (although not all. haha!). very yummy guy. was he totally naked when you shot him? 😉

thelighthousestudio - January 12, 2010

haha no! he was wearing jeans! 😀 thanks for the comment! 😀

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